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More About our Community:

The Aspyrre Community is a program dedicated to personal and professional excellence, offering a way to continuously develop your skills, and also build a high quality network. Instead of spending your networking time giving 30 second commercials, spend your time in meaningful discussions, getting to know people based on how they think, approach problems, and interact with others.  

Currently, I run two tele-classes each month, usually the 1st and 3rd Friday at noon pacific time, and we have a private, on-line community where we discuss the topics and issues we are facing any time day or night.   In addition, for Southern California members, we meet in person the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9am to 12:00pm for professional development seminars and live discussion.  This meeting takes place in Irvine, Ca. 

In our private membership area we post notes, audio recordings of the tele-classes, and handouts. This way, no matter where you in the world and what your schedule is, you can fully participate in the program.   I decide the topics based on the current interests, challenges, and requests of our members.  With that said, each month we have a theme related to professional development that guides topic selection.  As a member you will have the opportunity to influence the community on a multitude of levels.  You can request topics, teach classes, and participate as an organizer, ambassador, and / or strategizer as we grow. 

Here is a current table of monthly themes:  

MonthThemeBook Club - Assigned Book
November 2015Stress Reduction
December 2015Life Purpose and Mission
January 2016Happiness
February 2016Action
March 2016Vision
April 2016Organization
May 2016Leadership
June 2016Journey
July 2016Sales
August 2016Science and Technology
September 2016Motivation
October 2016Networking
November 2016Presence
December 2016Planning

More Information on Group Calls:

Our tele-seminars take two forms.  Usually on the first Friday of the month I give a class related to the theme of the month.  This class is recorded, and we post both the recording and any related handouts in our on-line library for all members to access.  On the third or fourth Friday of the month I will often hold an open group coaching call, which allows members to discuss whatever is on their mind, ask me questions, and share successes and challenges.  I usually keep the coaching calls private for members only, and unrecorded, to keep the environment safe for sharing and reflection.   Members are never pressed into sharing, and simply listening to a call can often provide valuable insights.  At the same time, we ask that all members honor and respect those who do have the courage to share personal stories or challenges on the call, by listening fully, refraining from judgment or unsolicited advice, and maintaining a supportive environment at all times.

Our Values and Culture:

One key factor that makes our community unique is the culture of learning and authentic discussion.  We can only maintain this environment if all members stand for these values:

  1. We have respect for and 100% acceptance of all perspectives and positions in life.  For example, one of our practices is to introduce ourselves only by first name and an answer to a simple question such as what your favorite book is, or what you most want to get out of a particular class.  We do not do “30 second commercials” because people inadvertently make judgments about who might be worth getting to know based on that type of introduction.   My preference is that you get to know each other as people, and then, once you already appreciate each other, you are free to share what you do for a living.
  2. We honor the freedom of each individual member to participate at whatever level he or she chooses.  No pressure to engage or share personal information before you are ready.  No pressure to show up for classes if you are busy (that’s why we have recordings).  No pressure to teach a class or take a role to help the organization.  At the same time, everyone is absolutely welcome and invited to share a lot of personal information, take the initiative to get to know other members, teach classes, and actively get involved in the organization.  Don’t feel obligated and then get burnt out.  Don’t hold back for fear we don’t want you.  We do!
  3. We offer opportunities to all members for natural, but not pushy, exposure.  For example, when invited, you can share information on your products and services, teach a class, or share your expertise when we have questions.  However, be careful not to push your ideas, opinions, services, referrals, or advice on anyone, especially when you have not been invited to.   There is NO pressure or expectation in this group for anyone to buy from each other, refer each other, or otherwise assist each other with time or services.  This can happen naturally based on the relationships you build, but you should not join this organization to get business or job leads from it – you should join it to learn and grow yourself, which will in turn enable you to get more business or job leads for yourself.


The best way to “try before you buy” is to just subscribe and show up.  Although my personal preference is to have you stay forever once you join, there is no required time commitment attached to your subscription.  You can subscribe for one month and if you don’t like it, unsubscribe.  You have complete control over your subscription through paypal.  If you have any additional questions about the community please feel free to call me.  

I would love to have you join us – click here to sign up.

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